Thursday, 26 July 2007


"The Flintstones"
Charlton super Charlton
we were great with Alan Curbishley
now with Chrissy Powell
we're the best team in the Football League.

Flying high up in the sky
we'll keep the red flag flying high
from Selhurst Park and years of pain
to Upton Park then home again
above The Valley in the sky
we'll keep the red flag flying high.

swing low sweet Valiant, coming for to carry me home
swing low sweet Valiant, home to The Valley, Floyd Road.

my old man's an Addick, he wears a Charlton hat
he sits up in the North Stand and gives it lots of 'that'
he's got no time for Palace or Millwall 'cos they're shite
and he hates the scum from Gillingham
and we all know that he's right.

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Anonymous said...

is it ok to post these up a charlton twitter site called @charltonsongs ?