Thursday, 26 July 2007


Olivia Newton-John hit borrowed by ManUre fans
take me home down Floyd Road
to the place i belong
at The Valley watching Charlton
take me home down Floyd Road.

The Geordie classic
all the lads and lasses with their happy smiling faces
standing in the Covered End to see the Charlton aces.

well, everyone's nicked this one
oh when the reds go marching in
oh when the reds go marching in
i want to be in that number
oh when the reds go marching in.

Chelsea "hit" from the 70's
red is the colour, football is the game
and down at The Valley where winning is our aim
we'll cheer them on through the sun and rain
'cos Charlton, Charlton is our name.

not sure about where this started, so no apologies......
said Matt Busby to Bill Shankly
have you heard of the North Bank Highbury
Shanks said no i don't think so
but i've heard of the Covered End Charlton.

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Anonymous said...

Would love to hear the take me home country roads song at the Valley although i doubt it will happen. Up the Addicks